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Pokémon GO Halloween Event 2023 Part I Starts on Oct 19, 2023

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octubre 19, 2023

October is a great time to enjoy playing Pokémon Go because Niantic organizes several exciting Halloween-themed events. Typically, the festive celebrations are divided into two parts, and we have recently been informed about what will be included in the first part of this augmented reality game’s Halloween party.

Pokémon Go Halloween Event 2023 Part I Will Introduce New Pokémon

The first part of Pokémon Go’s Halloween event in 2023 will take place from Thursday, October 19, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. to Thursday, October 26, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. local time. This event will reintroduce scary activities, a modified version of the Lavender Town music, festive decorations, and many ghost-type Pokémon. Two new additions that players should be excited about are Greavard and its evolved form Houndstone, which is a Ghost Dog Pokémon.

Event-exclusive Timed Research and In-Game Shop

The most effective method for acquiring the new Pokémon is by completing Timed Research tasks. One of these tasks involves capturing Greavard and can be completed by the end of this month. Another task offers opportunities to encounter Spiritomb and other Pokémon with a similar theme. Additionally, there are Field Research quests that reward players with Misdreavus and Phantump.

In addition to everything mentioned earlier, trainers have the option to buy the Halloween special Timed Research for $5.00 or an equivalent price in their local currency. This purchase includes a set of different challenges that grant players opportunities to encounter Phantump and Alolan Meowth, as well as obtain a Halloween-themed avatar pose.

The shop has various other items that are similar. Inside, players can discover a Yamask Mask, Cofagrigus Costume, Cofagrigus Head, Phantump Head, and Greavard Wig. PokéStops will provide stickers and Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can also access a Timed Research with valuable prizes.

Pokémon Go Halloween Event 2023 Part I Event Bonus

In addition, trainers have the opportunity to benefit from various event bonuses during the festival. When they successfully catch Pokémon using different throwing techniques such as Nice Throws, Great Throws, and Excellent Throws, they will receive additional Candy and Candy XL. Moreover, hatching eggs will yield double the amount of Candy along with even more Candy XL.

Now is the perfect moment to join your beloved Pokémons for a fun-filled trick-or-treating adventure. The latter part of October will mark the start of this exciting experience. Download Pokémon Go now without any cost and begin playing right away!

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